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temporary export/import

Exhibitions, master classes, workshops, trainings in another country - the procedure for temporary import and export is that you need. Four Side Logistic will help you to form a correct understanding of this process and will take care of all the nuances in custom clearance.

Do you want to transport goods to / from the Commonwealth of Independent States to participate in various events, exhibitions, and after receiving your goods back? There are several schemes of export / import of products under different conditions and provisions. It is important to understand the nuances in the preparation of documents that the customs authorities will not confiscate the goods or do not require extra documentation.

Applying to us you will receive:

  • Consultation and development of customs clearance scheme.
  • Personal customs clearance manager.
  • Preparation of accompanying documents
  • Full package of customs services and warehousing services at customs warehouse.
  • Additional services for survey, sorting, re-packaging, etc.
  • Additional transport and consolidation services.